Oct 25

NBA 12-13 Season Predictions

A Prediction of the Division, Conference, and NBA champions, as well as predictions for R.O.Y, Season MVP, and Finals MVP

Eastern Conference-

East Champ Reg Season: Miami Heat                                               

Division Champs:

Atlantic- Boston Celtics                                                                        

Central- Indiana Pacers                                                                         

SouthEast- Miami Heat                                                                          

 Western Conference-

West Champ Reg Season: Oklahoma City Thunder

Division Champs:

Pacific: Los Angeles Lakers

Southwest: San Antonio Spurs

Northwest: Oklahoma City Thunder


Most Improved Team: Brooklyn Nets

Team that falls the most: Orlando Magic

R.O.Y: Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers)

Season MVP: Lebron James (Miami Heat)


NBA FINALS: Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers

Champions: Los Angeles Lakers  Finals MVP: Kobe Bryant (Even though i predict him to be the finals MVP, if the Lakers lose at all this year i think it will be because of Kobe)

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